• Checking Out Books and Printing in the Panther Media Center

    Individual students are always welcome to come to the Panther Media to checkout books or to printout reports and pages they need to complete assignments anytime during the school day with permission from their classroom teacher as indicated by the teacher signing a hall pass in the student's planner.

    When coming to the Panther Media Center during their class period, students MUST leave their backpacks in the classroom. In addition to the signed student planner, students should bring ONLY what they need to work on. If a student is working on a class project, they will need to bring their guidelines to show what you will be working on.

    The student behavior rules that are listed in the Student Computer Lab Usage Policy apply to individual students visits to the Panther Media Center for book selection and printing pages. 

    Individual student visits to the Panther Media Center are limited to 30 minutes per class period unless an extension is requested by a teacher.

     Students can not come to the Panther Media Center during 3rd Period Advisory. {Panther Pad, Study Hall, or Tutoring}.

     Checking Out Books in the Panther Media Center

    When you checkout a book, you are responsible for the book’s condition and timely return. Please check the book you are getting for any damage {writing, loose/missing pages}, BEFORE leaving the media center. If you find any damage, let the media center staff know and a note will be made in your record, so that you will not be charged for a damaged book.

    • Any fiction or nonfiction book may be checked out for TWO WEEKS.
    • Checkout Limit is TWO Books.
    • Overdue fiction/nonfiction books have a 10 CENTS PER DAY.  Fines are capped at $10.00.
    • Reference {R or REF} and Professional {P} books may not be checked out by a student. 

    Lost or Damage Book Fees

    Lost or Damaged books fees must be paid for by the student who checked the book out.  The amount of this fee is calculated by finding the Replacement Cost {The price of the book at Follett Library Services plus processing fee}. The replacement book will have the same covering as the lost one unless that covering is unavailable.


    The Panther Media Center does NOT have color printing capability. Pages will print at the circulation desk which is where you pay for your printing and pick up your pages. Check with the circulation desk to see if your page{s} printed. DO NOT KEEP SENDING YOUR WORK TO THE PRINTER WITHOUT CHECKING!!

    Printing cost is TEN CENTS PER SIDE OF PAPER. Mistakes like too many copies or blank pages must still be paid for. If you are not sure about how to print a web page or remove blank pages from a document, PLEASE ask for assistance before you print more pages than you need or want.


    Please pay your media center fines/fees as soon as you incur them!

    Consequences for unpaid fines/fees:

    1. Books can not be checked out or renewed.

    2. Printing privileges suspended.

    3. Grades and Transcripts will be held.