• Students in Computer Labs and in the Panther Media Center

    There will be no unsupervised individual students allowed in any of the Computer Labs not located in the Panther Media Center. Individual students are not allowed to check out chromebooks from chromebook carts stored in the Panther Media Center. Chromebook carts are to be checked out to a teacher for class usage and not individual students.

    Individual students are always welcome to come to the Panther Media to research information for a class project or to make a book selection during the school day with permission from their classroom teacher as indicated by the teacher signing a hall pass in the student's planner.

    When coming to the Panther Media Center during their class period, students MUST leave their backpacks in the classroom. In addition to the signed student planner, students should bring ONLY what they need to work on. If a student is working on a class project, they will need to bring their guidelines to show what you will be working on.

    Individual student visits to the Panther Media Center are limited to 30 minutes per class period unless an extension is requested by a teacher.

    Individual students can not come to the Panther Media Center during 3rd Period Advisory. {Panther Pad, Study Hall, or Tutoring}.

    Students will be assigned to a specific desktop computer or chromebook while working in a computer lab or chromebook in the classroom. The student's name, class period and assigned computer/chromebook number will be written down on a seating/user chart that will be turned into the media specialist at the end of the school day.

    While working on a computer in a computer lab or a chromebook in a class room, students must follow the Lee County Acceptable Use of Technology Policy. Students will be held liable for any intentional damage to a desktop computer or chromebook.

     Students in Computer Labs and in the Panther Media Center

    The Media Specialist believes that EVERY student has the right to use the media center for reading or research without any interference or disruptions caused by other students. Failure to abide by this simple rule will result in the student leaving the media center with the possibility of being written up.

    The following rules will be enforced in the Panther Media Center and the Computer Labs:

    • NO personal electronic devices. {Automatic confiscation and write-up}
    • NO gum, food or drink will be allowed. {Write-Up After One Verbal Warning}
    • NO sitting on tables or computer stations. No leaning back or forward in wooden chairs.
    • NO rolling around in computer station chairs. {Write-Up After One Verbal Warning}
    • NO loud talking, laughing or disruptive movements will be permitted {1st Offense – Sent back to class with loss of media center time ranging from one to five days}.
    • NO swearing, cursing, disrespectful tone or attitude – Automatic Write-Up, Sent back to class, suspended from Media Center use for a minimum of one week.

    ALL SFC Student Behavior rules will be enforced!