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    Faculty, this is place you need to be if you are needing media center forms for reserving any of the computer labs or chromebook carts along with seating and user charts. There are also other forms available that you might need. There will also be links to online teacher resources. From time to time, professional articles on topics pertaining to teaching, instructional technology, reading, and cybersafety will be posted in this section.If you have any resources or articles that you would like to share with your SSFC teaching colleagues, please send the link to Mr. Pickard.

    Approval for Classroom Use of Video Form

    If you are showing a video or video clips in your classroom {Be aware of copyright rules}, please download and print out this form. Once you have completed this form, please submit it to Dr. Cook for approval prior to showing the video or video clips in your classroom. If approved, make a copy of the signed form and post outside your classroom door  the day{s} that the video or video clips are being shown in your classroom. To access the form for download, please click HERE

    SSFC Computer Labs and MakerSpace Reservations

     Classroom Technology and Chromebook Usage Policy {Updated Sept. 2019}. To see the new changes that are now in effect for classroom technology and chromebook usage, please view this policy by clicking HERE. 

    Computer Lab/MakerSpace Reservation Form - Click on 1st Semester 2019 Computer Lab/MakerSpace Reservation Form

    Computer Lab Student Seating Charts {No Seating Charts are required for the Makerspace Area}

    These forms MUST be completed for each period of your computer lab visit and turned in by the end of the school day. They may be placed in Mr. Pickard's teacher mailbox.

    (1) Student Seating Chart for 1st Floor Computer Lab {Media Center} -  Click 1st Floor M.C.

    (2) Student Seating Chart for 2nd Floor Computer Lab {Media Center} - Click 2nd Floor M.C.

    (3) Student Seating Chart for Room 207 Computer Lab {2nd Floor} -     Click Room 207 

     Various Links for the SSFC Faculty

    Survey Methods Online Survey Software - Excellent Online Source for Creating Surveys and Analyzing the Data Your Survey Generates

    The SSFC Panther Media Center uses SurveyMethods for our online survey project. SurveyMethods Online Survey software is a comprehensive survey creation, deployment, and analysis tool. To obtain more information for your educational institution and/or non-profit organization. Click SurveyMethods Online Software